Wow Cup & Kid Friendly Summer Car Rides

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the kids car organiser Wow Cup & Kid Friendly Summer Car RidesSummertime means road trips for the family and we know no matter how long or short the ride, kids are going to get bored out of their minds. And, if you have a couple of them in the back seat, the fighting and name calling is enough to send you to the brink! But if you do some preparation before your trip, you can turn your ride into a happy one and here’s a few simple suggestions to help do just that!

 You’ve gotta keep those little heads occupied, so develop a checklist of a myriad of things to do like board games, puzzles, art work, audio books, hand held video games and a variety of things so when they get tired of one thing you move them onto another! (Hopefully they wear themselves out and fall to sleep for a while!) For your own sanity, the best thing is to find activities that don’t require a whole lot of parts and messy pieces to junk up the car. Having them get creative is always good fun, so drawing, coloring and scrap booking can keep them busy for a while.Another thing to consider are both group and individual activities so they can have the choice of doing what they feel like.

Of course, food and drink is always important, but keeping the mess in check will definitely make for a better time for all. That’s WOW Cups are the perfect companion for any trip or adventure – no spills on the seats, clothes and carpets and that is just one less thing you’ll need to worry about on your trek!

Here’s a few links to some great little articles with a multitude of ideas on how to keep the youngins busy while you hold onto your sanity on those long summer car trips!

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