Which TeleBrands Products Would You Choose, Castaway?

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TWO.PIX  300x172 Which TeleBrands Products Would You Choose, Castaway?We all remember the incredibly popular film in 2000, Castaway starring Tom Hanks… A guy working for Fed Ex whose plane goes down in the ocean and he ends up surviving on a deserted island for several years.

So, our fertile little brains started thinking during a mundane lunch break here at TeleBrands, where I asked the group: what if YOU were stuck on an island like Hanks character… what TeleBrands products would you hope were scheduled for delivery aboard that plane? The answers were pretty interesting so I pose the same question to you:

You’re a Castaway on on a deserted island and Wilson the volleyball is your only real friend. Which TeleBrands products would you hope for to wash up on shore from that plane that you just couldn’t live without?

Now, right off the bat, I’m thinking about Copper Hands for all of that tree chopping you are definitely going to be doing.  Of course Zip Sox and Ankle Genie would be ultra useful for all that exploring on the island. Now the Wow Cup could always come in handy so you don’t spill the coconut milk. And maybe Phantom Saucer could entertain your buddy Wilson for hours on end.

Okay, there’s no doubt that the Natural Solutions Book would come in super handy. And the Ped Egg could keep your feet looking and feeling fresh as well as used for scaling all those fish you could be cooking up in your Slip Stone pan. And hey, speaking of fish, the Teddy Tank sure could be a good thing to help you and Wilson keep from going crazy.

Wow, You never really thought TeleBrands products could be so incredibly useful, now, did you?

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