Walkable Neighborhoods & Your Ankle Genie

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Walk 300x199 Walkable Neighborhoods & Your Ankle GenieAn interesting new report has just come out about major cities across the U.S. creating what’s being called “walkable neighborhoods”. The idea is where certain areas within cities have become consolidated where people’s workplaces, homes, shopping, schools, restaurants, etc., are within walking accessible distance.

Walkable neighborhoods are definitely becoming a real movement across the country, making it easy for those who don’t drive much or don’t even have a car at all. Cities such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Atlanta, Miami and Washington DC are catering to locals with this trend, even making local real estate more desirable for many people.

Whether you live in a neighborhood like this or just do a lot of walking to get around, you know how common it is to have sore feet, ankles and legs as you literally pound the pavement. Ankle Genie was created just for people like us who are on our feet an awful lot and are tired of being tired!

Now here’s a really neat article on the amazing benefits of Walking > http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/diet-fitness/exercise/benefits-of-walking.htm

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