TouCan – the World’s Easiest Hands Free Automatic Can Opener!

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Can.2 TouCan   the Worlds Easiest Hands Free Automatic Can Opener!Opening cans may not be something you think about much, but when it’s time to make a tuna sandwich or have a bowl of cling peaches, using the traditional hand crank opener is a huge pain. Sometimes it doesn’t grasp the can or cut through cleanly. Then it won’t cut all the way around and that last little piece is hanging on for dear life. And lastly, if you’ve got arthritis or you’re not the strongest person in the world, then you know how difficult a supposed easy task can be.

Well people, let me introduce you to the TouCan Can Opener, the world’s easiest hands free automatic can opener. With two times the power, TouCan Can Opener opens cans of all shapes and sizes with just the push of a button. Its uniquely designed blade clamps down on the lid from the outside and the onboard magnet keeps dirty lids from falling into the can, and the lid is reusable so you can store what you don’t use!

TouCan’s extraordinary design also helps you remove the toughest bottle caps and breaks that tight seal so you can easily twist off jar lids. And as we said, TouCan is perfect for those with arthritis, hand or joint pain. TouCan is the last can opener you will ever need to buy!

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