The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch

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a143528f74aefb4bb1a0c0882bb92ed71 The Kansas City Railroad Pocket WatchThe Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch just may be one of the most beautiful and interesting pieces we have ever created and brought to market. This is an authentic replica from the time period circa 1874 and is certified by the American Historic Society. This gorgeous and intricate timepiece celebrates the old west in all of it’s glory.

The watch’s magnificently cut case and back reveal its replicated look of springs, sprockets, cogs and gears giving it the look of an authentic timepiece from over a century past. It features a round silver tone bezel, a sturdy butterfly hinge, and a brilliant silver tone stem set.

This limited edition vintage style pocket watch comes with a certificate of authenticity and is guaranteed to be cherished by anyone who receives it.

The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch would truly be a wonderful Father’s Day gift or maybe just a reward for yourself and is priced so incredible that you have to see it to believe it!


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