TeleBrands – the As Seen on TV Toy Story!

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Saucer 300x213 TeleBrands   the As Seen on TV Toy Story!For years the original As Seen on TV company has brought us adults so many awesome gadgets that we didn’t know we needed or would love so much. But now, we’re putting smiles on kids faces across the globe with some innovative new products that are getting rave reviews. Introducing the new line-up from TeleBrands: Teddy Tanks, Ball Pets, and Phantom Saucer - a whole lotta fun for not a whole lotta money!

We’ll start with Teddy Tanks, a cute as all heck stuffed animal with a fish tank for a belly! And you have your choice of an array of furry critters… A penguin, puppy, teddy bear, frog, elephant, panda and more! Now the tank is only meant for the Beta fish, so call your pet store now to make sure they are in stock. This item is guaranteed to sell in the millions and we don’t wanna see you miss out on your very own Beta fish!

Next are the Ball Pets… a plush and furry ball that opens up to reveal an adorable  pet inside! Much like with Beanie Babies from years back, production of these adorable creatures is actually limited and several of the pets have already been retired!

And last we have the Phantom Saucer, a handheld flying spacecraft that appears to defy gravity by magically hovering between your hands. Make it go up down and all around, Phantom Saucer tricks the senses and fools the eyes to impress any audience!

“Our business model is so effective at selling innovative, interesting products to adults, we thought we’d try the same business model on kids and see if it works,” TeleBrands founder and CEO, AJ Khubani said. ”Just like we got into the publishing business, now we’re getting into the toy business. “We have to figure out areas for growth. Amazon moved from books to everything else.”

So the toy invasion is on and TeleBrands is once again leading the way. But wait… there’s more… but you knew that already…

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