TeleBrands Rocks the International Housewares Show

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13505 1056856507662652 829753487358402085 n TeleBrands Rocks the International Housewares ShowThis year’s trek to the International Housewares Show in Chicago was a huge success as our new products caused quite a buzz.

First off it was infomercial queen, Cathy Mitchell, who was working the media big time as her Dump Dinners and Dump Cakes books were all the talk. Products like Grab Bag and WIN Cleaner were popular items, but it was our new product roll outs that the buyers wanted to see.

Mighty Blaster is the new fireman’s nozzle that makes watering anything no longer a chore. The new PocketHose Brass features brass connectors and is three times stronger that the original Pocket Hose! Colorama are beautiful coloring books for adults filled with gorgeous designs that help you to relax and let the stress of the day melt away. Card Lock protects all of your credit cards from thieves with scanners who want to steal your identity. Toucan is the virtual hands-free, easiest can opener ever invented. And then there’s Royal Posture, the light-weight, breathable back support that will have you feeling good again in no time.





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