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Unique, amazing… Yeah, There’s Nothing Like ‘Em Anywhere In This World!

Inventor1 TeleBrands Inventor’s Days…Inventors Days are exciting, crazy, and packed with surprises, as people from all over North America come to show us the products that they have dreamed up. I’ve sat through a bunch of them so far – San Diego, Las Vegas, Philly, Charlotte, and Washington DC – and none more insane than our trek to Los Angeles where 44 people spent one very long day showing us their wares. Being on the judging panel is actually a lot of work as you need to give every single person your undivided attention – especially the one’s who have been waiting around for twelve long hours.

You have to go into judging with the mindset that any of the next presenters could actually have the next big thing, and you had better be ready for it. And of course, you’ll be judged by the one and only KING, himself, the legendary AJ Khubani

So what are the rules? Simple… Got an invention you want to show us? Want to present to us on one of out Inventor’s Days? Go to the following link and it’ll tell you everything you need to know.Now we can’t guarantee we’ll see you, but if we do, this is the way it has to happen! Good luck!

If you have a product you’d like us to consider, contact us by CLICKING this LINK >

Like I’ve said before, over and over… If you’ve got a great idea rattling around in your head for a while, the worst thing to do is keep it to yourself because one day you’ll turn on the TV and start yelling like a loon when someone else actually decided to do something about their idea! Contact the good folks here at TeleBrands and we’ll see what can happen next! You just might have the very next Grassology, Ankle Genie, Hurricane Spin Mop, Wow Cup or Stone Wave Cooker!

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