TeleBrands AJ Khubani to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

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photoAJ TeleBrands AJ Khubani to Receive Lifetime Achievement AwardAfter three decades and hundreds of hit products later, TeleBrands founder and CEO AJ Khubani is going to receive one heck of a well deserved recognition for his dedication to the world of infomercials and direct marketing.

This October during a special presentation at the Moxie Awards Gala, the prestigious and coveted 2015 ERA Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Khubani, whose thirty plus years in direct marketing has had an enormous impact on the industry.

“I am honored to be recognized as the 2015 ERA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient,” said TeleBrands President and CEO. “We’ve built a company around developing products that help everyday people solve common household problems and I am proud to have been a part of growing an industry where that is the prevailing goal.”

He’s the man who created the renowned As Seen on TV logo over three decades ago and he just shakes his head about how far things have come.

“I remember years ago when we put Ambervision sun glasses on the retail shelves for the first time, people weren’t used to this concept,” remarked AJ. “Now you walk into a big box retailer or drug store chain and they have isles specifically dedicated to As Seen On TV products. It’s truly amazing and I’m grateful  for all of our success.”



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