Teddy Tank – the Hottest New Kid’s Product Out There!

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cambodian betta male 120217b6 w06401 Teddy Tank   the Hottest New Kids Product Out There!Trust us when we say that you’re going to start hearing a lot about Teddy Tanks, a hot new kids item that is in big demand. Now from first appearances, it looks like a cute toy – a cuddly stuffed animal to be exact. But take a look at his belly and it’s a real live working fish tank! 

Telebrands founder and CEO, AJ Khubani is excited about his newest item. “After 30 years of coming out with great products to market, I am still amazed how we keep finding such winners and Teddy Tank is certainly one of them,” said AJ. The great thing about this one is that kids can actually learn how to take care of a fish, a living breathing thing that needs feeding and attention.”

And speaking of those fish, the Teddy Tank can only house a Betta fish, also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. Now with the hopes of selling millions of Teddy Tanks before the Christmas season, there just may be a run on Bettas so people are advised to check with their local pet stores to make sure they are carrying enough of the colorful fish. 

The Teddy Tank is available in 12 adorable plush animals that the kids are just loving. There’s the Charming Penguin, Magical Unicorn, Cute Doggie, Playful Monkey, Fun Frog, Pretty Pig, Chocolate Brown Bear, Awesome Elephant, Pearl White Teddy Bear, Honey Brown Teddy Bear, Joyful Giraffe and the Precious Panda.

At an incredibly low price point of $19.95, a lot kids will have their very own Teddy Tanks soon. Click the link below to find out more about the product, and don’t forget to call your local pet store to make sure the Betta fish is in stock!

CLICK HERE for More Info on Teddy Tank > https://www.buyteddytank.com/

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