Stone Wave Cooker… the Must Pack Item for Your Travels!

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Traveling and staying in hotels for more than just a few days can get awfully expensive when it comes to meal time. And if you don’t have a suite with a kitchen, you’re out of luck, right?… WRONG! People are officially crazy over our Stone Wave cookers, and we’re here to tell you that they truly make great travel companions!

IMG 0300 300x202 Stone Wave Cooker... the Must Pack Item for Your Travels!Just about every modern day hotel room has a microwave these days, and THAT is what you need to cook with a stone wave. Known travel guru, Richard Nash thinks that bringing your Stone Waves along on your trip is an ingenious move.

“I always pack a couple of Stone Wave cookers with me when I stay in different locations the country, “ says the well-traveled Boston native, “Restaurants and room service can get incredibly costly after a few days. Making your own meals a couple of times a day over the course of a week can save you an absolute ton of money. Every city you stay in has a local deli or grocery store where you can pick up some great food items and prepare delicious home-cooked style meals yourself!”

Richard has definitely become a big fan of the Stone Wave and we couldn’t be happier. “What’s also great is that they are light, compact and travel well. Plus, they’re super easy to clean right in your hotel sink. I’ve actually been recommending this excellent product for quite some time now and if you ever do an extended stay, the Stone Wave is an absoluter must!”

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