Red Copper Non-Stick Fry Pan Means Cooking Healthy & Safe!

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PAN Red Copper Non Stick Fry Pan Means Cooking Healthy & Safe!Believe it or not, frying pans have become a pretty big deal over the last couple of years. The traditional non-stick surface used for decades has become a concern.

Red Copper is ceramic copper infused cookware that has an amazing non-stick, non- scratch surface that contains absolutley no PFOA or PTFE. PFOA is a chemical compound found in old traditional non-stick cookware.

Okay, you need to know that Red Copper isn’t just safe, it’s also an absolute joy to prepare your meals in. The pans are lightweight and super strong at the same time. They won’t scratch, chip, or peel into your food. You can use the fry pan for anything – flambé desserts, broil flaky fish, or bake chicken parmesan. All your food slides right out and it’s even oven safe up to 500ºF.

Red Copper is the most versatile pan you’ve ever used. Cook the healthy way without oil, butter or grease and food won’t stick!  Plus, it’s even dishwasher safe! Whisk it, biscuit, upside down it, all with Red Copper.

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