Pocket Hose Top Brass… Welcome to the New Age of Watering…

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PH.2 Pocket Hose Top Brass... Welcome to the New Age of Watering...Okay, so you don’t think about your garden hose all the time, but when you need it, you know it’s always a pain to lug that cumbersome thing around while it kinks up and stops working. Then you’ve got to roll it up and it’s not only a pain, it’s a mess! A bulky traditional hose never makes gardening, watering or washing the car an easy task.

Introducing Pocket Hose, the lawn care breakthrough that changed garden hoses forever, and now the number 1 selling expandable hose in the world has been made even better – introducing the new Pocket Hose Top Brass! This NEW and IMPROVED version has all of the same qualities you loved, but is now 3 times STRONGER!

Pocket Hose Top Brass is equipped with tight seal technology, guaranteed to give you a water tight seal every time – no more leaks. The secret is the super strong material of the amber tip connectors that are 3 times more durable than the original! Pocket Hose Top Brass is made with double layer construction just like a fire hose, with a scientifically developed elastomer hose on the inside. The elastomer hose expands with water pressure, while the new and improved outer lining protects it – no more rips or breakthroughs. And the new Solar Stripe Shield protects Pocket Hose Top Brass from damaging UV rays and extends the life of the hose!

The improved, super durable Pocket Hose Top Brass is built to last for daily, heavy-duty use, and even comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE so if it leaks even a drop, you’ll get your money back!

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