Ped Egg Powerball for the Healthiest Feet You’ve Ever Had!

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Ped1 Ped Egg Powerball for the Healthiest Feet Youve Ever Had!
Let’s face it, when you feet look band and feel bad – YOU feel bad. And now that it’s winter, the air is dry and that’s not good news when it comes to your foot health. For close to a decade, the Ped Egg created by TeleBrands has been making feet feel awesome! With over 50 million sold, the amazing little egg-shaped wonder has received raves in reviews across the internet. But now, we’re happy to report that the evolution of a great thing has gotten even better. 

PedEgg® Powerball™ easily buffs away calluses, dead skin, or dry and rough skin in seconds! Your feet will look years younger and feel baby smooth. PedEgg Powerball is completely painless and contains no dangerous blades. The secret is the nano-abrasion roller that’s 40% larger combined with the exclusive pivoting powerball. It conforms to the contours and curves of your foot. It even has a powerful built-in LED light so you can see up close. You’ll never have to worry about missing a spot.

We say that its time to confident in your own shoes again with the PedEgg Powerball!



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