Want the Simple Truth? It All Starts With an Idea…

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Thinking Want the Simple Truth? It All Starts With an Idea...Listen, to me, I am telling you the truth… you don’t have to be a professional inventor to invent a great product! In fact, the best stuff we’re presented with is almost always from a regular everyday person who needed to solve a problem they had. They knew that a lot of other people surely had the same problem and they were convinced that people would pay for the perfect solution solution. You tell me why didn’t anyone think of Royal Posture before? Somebody just like you and I had back problems from sitting behind a computer screen all day, did some research, made a working model andand BAM – the inventor is making skads of dough because he acted on his idea and we did the rest!

That’s Right… It all starts with an idea!

Now, your idea doesn’t have to be for a new product… if you can come up with way to make an existing product better and people will buy it, then GO FOR IT! Spending a little time doing a little bit of research on the idea could be the best investment in time that you ever made! We have sold millions and millions of Windshield Wonders – all because someone had a hard time getting their hands and arms down in the dashboard to clean the glass in their car. Wait a minute… let me back up… I said we’re selling millions and millions! Is that enough motivation to get you off your duff and do something about that fantastic idea or two that you’ve had rattling around your noggin? Think about it… what have you got to lose but millions of dollars? Yeah, I knew THAT ONE would hurt.

Okay… you getting it? Am I making myself clear? Move on your idea. You just might be sitting on a pile of moolah! Take a few moments to find out if you just might have the next Ronco Cheese Straightener. Dang it… I wish I had thought of that one.

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