Inventors Day Coming to Vegas: 9.12.11

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When: September 12, 2011 . Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s that time again! TeleBrands will be holding Inventors Day in Las Vegas on Monday, September 12, 2011 at the Wynn Encore, in Las Vegas Nevada. We are accepting applications for both short-form and long-form consumer products. Each accepted inventor will be REQUIRED to begin their pitch with either a jingle or slogan.

Inventors should focus on consumer products that reach a mass audience with widespread appeal and have that unique “WOW” demonstration!

Those inventors selected will be notified by email. While hundreds of inventors apply regularly to TeleBrands Inventors Days, 25 will be chosen for the Las Vegas event.

To apply, please send name, city, state, cell phone, email, name of product, and short description to:

Here’s a few tips from our website to help answer some of the common questions we are often asked about the inventors process at TeleBrands…

If you are not interested in my product, will I know why?

There are many reasons why Telebrands may pass on a product. We have a very specific business model, so even if a product is clearly going to sell, or already has a sales record, it might not make sense for our company. The last thing we want to do is take over a product and have it fail. Beyond that, we can’t provide more specific reasons for a rejection.

Can I visit the Telebrands office in person and present my idea?

If you want to be considered, please complete this online form first. We will arrange an office visit only if we are interested in your product.

If you like my product, what kind of compensation do you offer?

It depends on the product, each situation is unique.

Can inventors trust Telebrands?

We are a Certified Professional Member of the United Inventors Associaiton (UIA), the national non-proft dedicated to inventor education and support. The UIA only awards Certification to firms who agree to comply with rigorous professional and ethical standards.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW! Now I have to make this clear. You really just can’t show up on an Inventor’s Day without contacting us first. In the past we were nice guys about it and gave the okay to people who came unannounced, but it unfortunately got out of hand to the point where we’re turned people away and that makes us feel bad – but the reality is that there’s only so many we can see in one day, so if you want to come see us, ya gotta follow the rules!

So, maybe we’ll see you at the next big Inventor’s Day!

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