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79166865 Have Dog Will Travel, from your friends @ Bullseye Pee PadsYou know, there really is an awful lot to consider when traveling on vacation with your dog. But if you love the little guy like you do (and we KNOW you do), the proper preparation and planning will make the trip an excellent time for both pooch and owner.

Some of the things to consider for your trip: Are you going to crate your dog?… will you be driving?… taking a flight?… should you medicate your buddy?… how do you keep him calm while traveling? Like I said, there’s a heck of lot to consider when traveling, but when you’re well prepared, your dog will be a happy passenger.

One interesting thing is that there really are pet friendly hotels out there, including some major chain hotels. These hotels are very used to dealing with pets and will have some great recommendations for you about dog-friendly activities like parks, trails and places where he can do his business.

Now our Bullseye Pee Pads are truly ideal for taking your pup to a hotel. When he has to go and you can’t get outside, this is the optimum way to avoid a mess and the smell from accidental piddling on the carpet.

Here are a great little article that give excellent tips & hints on traveling with your dog. >


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