Happy New Year Means Amazing New As Seen On TV Products

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Happy New Year means something different to whoever you ask, but to us at Tele-Brands it means new As-Seen-On-TV products for all the world to enjoy!

You loved the Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight so much that we added the Atomic Lantern and the Atomic Head Light. The Red-Copper Pan technology  was such a hit with those who love to cook that we added the Red-Copper Square Dance pan and the Red-Copper Mug! Color Doctor allows you to easily check your blood pressure anywhere, anytime. Smart Swab is the safe alternative to cleaning your ears. Air Dragon is the portable air gun for inflating tires and anything that needs to be inflated. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber cleans like a pro! And last but not least there’s Aqua Dog, the easiest and most efficient way to keep your dog hydrated wherever you two might be!

“It’s so exciting bringing all of these hit products to market,” says TeleBrands founder and CEO, A.J. Khubnai. “This new class of As Seen on TV goodness has been so well received. We can’t wait to bring more and more to consumers!”


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