Green Gobbler: You & Your Pipes are Gonna Love It!

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10846447 996604703687833 2524122034672723020 n Green Gobbler: You & Your Pipes are Gonna Love It!Okay, so clogged drains isn’t something you happen to think about every day. But when they happen, you know it’s an awful pain to remedy. The average national cost for a plumbing service to come into your home and unclog your pipes is over $270. Yeah… ouch. And, sure, you can go out to the store and pick up a jug of drain opener, but do you really want to be handling toxic chemicals and have them around your family and pets?

Well, you know what?… There is an amazingly simple, safe, and cost friendly solution. Introducing Green Gobbler – the safe, simple and totally green solution for blocked up pipes. Just pour in one pre-measured pouch and add hot water – yeah, it’s really THAT easy!

The secret to Green Gobbler is our proprietary formula that dissolves and emulsifies grease, hair, soap scum, paper, organic matter, feminine products, toothpaste, shampoo and everything that causes build-up and back-up in your pipes! The clog will be gone and the drain will be clear.

Want to know the best news… Green Gobbler is safe for all types of pipes – copper, cast iron, PVC Plastic and it’s EPA approved! Other toxic drain openers don’t compare to Green Gobbler. It will dissolve, emulsify the debris that blocks your drain. Use it for showers, tubs, sinks, garbage disposals and even septic systems!

I think we all agree… clogged or slow moving drains can be a real nightmare. And backed up pipes are the worst. But now you know that Green Gobbler is the best!

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