Grassology – an Amazing Invention Your Lawn Will Love

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Hammock Grassology   an Amazing Invention Your Lawn Will LoveThe people at TeleBrands have introduced some pretty awesome inventions over the past 30 years, (Wow Cup, Pockethose Ultra, Trusty Cane & the Hurricane Spin Mop) but this one just might be the most exciting thing we’ve seen in home care. Introducing Grassology – a breakthrough in lawn care that everyone is talking about! Face it, we’re all really busy, and all that seasonal work on your lawn really eats up a lot of the free time that you’d much rather spend relaxing on your weekends and days off from work. Well, we are absultely convinced that Grassology can help you with enjoying more of your free time.

Once established, Grassology gives you a gorgeous lawn that’s virtually maintenance-free. Developed by Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seeds, Grassology is the science of grass! Unlike regular grass that requires constant water and fertilizer, Grassology grows roots that are four times deeper than ordinary grass to find their own water and nutrients instead of depending on you for constant watering and feeding! And, Grassology slowly grows to a dwarf height so there’s less mowing, guaranteed! You can use it to fix bad spots, or you can sprinkle it over your entire lawn. And before you know it, you’ll have barefoot soft grass that naturally resists disease, resists insects, and even resists weeds!

With Grassology, you save time and money because there’s no more high watering bills, no more weekly mowing, no more ongoing fertilizing and no more weeding! This original low maintenance seed blend is so revolutionary it even has a patent pending by the US Government! So get Grassology today and create the easiest, low maintenance, beautiful lawn you’ve ever had! And yeah, that’s Bob Vila in the photo!

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