Grab Bag, Making Shopping SO MUCH Easier… Finally!

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Did you know that plastic grocery bags are being phased out in super markets across the country? And, you know that they break real easy and don’t carry very many items. Well, there’s a great new solution to the problem from the good people at TeleBrands.

Grab1 Grab Bag, Making Shopping SO MUCH Easier... Finally!

Introducing Grab Bag, the reusable shopping bag that opens the width of your shopping cart, grabs onto the sides and STAYS OPEN! They expand several times the size of a regular plastic bag and hold infinitely more groceries! They won’t tip or roll, spilling your items all over the trunk, plus most of the time you can fill them with enough stuff to make one single trip back into the house!

Some GREAT FACTS About Grab Bag: Made of earth-friendly material… Easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth… Fold flat to slip easily into a glove box or the side of a seat… Generous front pocket has plenty of room for wallets, cell phones or coupons… Mold & mildew resistant… Each bag holds up to 40 lbs!… Perfect for shopping clubs and other stores that don’t supply bags… Also great for trips to the laundromat and dry cleaner, storing knitting supplies, toys or beach stuff.

People are raving over this ingenious new problem solving product and you need to CLICK the LINK & see for yourself >


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