Got a Great IDEA? Here’s What You NEED to Know…

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image Got a Great IDEA? Heres What You NEED to Know...People are really starting to recognize our CEO and founder, AJ Khubani in public, and he finds it pretty weird because his intention was never to be a personality. He’s made countless television appearances over the past few years – Today Show, The View, Wendy Williams, Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen to name a few. People come up to him constantly with new inventions and product ideas, in fact so much, that TeleBrands holds official Inventor’s Days where people come in from all over the world to meet the man that could make them a millionaire within five minutes. Within only a few moments AJ knows if an idea is worth looking at further and testing. I’ve never seen anyone with such a keen sense of what works – the man is amazing!

Mr. K will tell you that there are three main factors that he looks for when assessing a potential product that is “right” for TeleBrands. And I say that because people often pitch really great ideas, but many just aren’t the right thing for this company.

“We’re looking for mass market products, something we can sell millions of,” says AJ. “Some niche markets ideas we see are great, but it needs to appeal to just about everybody.” A few good examples of these kind of products are: Woof Washer 360, RedCopper Pan, and Laser Bond USA.

That’s good advice to you “would-be” millionaire inventor types. And to help even further, here are the three main points that Mr. Khubani looks for in a product that will make the grade…

1. It needs to solve a common problem

2. It has to demonstrate well on TV

3. It needs to be a good deal (either $9.95 or $19.95)

Do you have a product idea that’s been rattling around your brain & you’d like to run it by us? CLICK HERE and let us know what you’ve got! >

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