Dump Cakes: Cathy Mitchell’s Mouth Watering Recipes!

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Cakes.Pan  300x241 Dump Cakes: Cathy Mitchells Mouth Watering Recipes!Cathy Mitchell has always been known for bringing great ideas into our homes, and now she’s really got our attention with her new book that is getting raves from both the media and the general public. Dump Cakes might just be the easiest, quickest and most inexpensive way to prepare scrumptious desserts that your friends and family will go crazy for.

And while Dump Cakes seems to be the new craze, Cathy says that when she was a kid her mom made them all the time, and now Cathy has brought them back, 21st century style!

The Dump Cakes recipe book teaches you how to make easy desserts in two simple steps – just dump and bake! Dump Cakes shortens the prep time and clean up the mess of normal homemade desserts made from scratch. With Dump Cakes, there are no mistakes to make, just pour in the ingredients and bake. From skillet ‘mores to sticky buns or cakes, you’ll get 5 star dessert recipes that are mistake proof. You can forget all of the measuring and the mess. You never knew homemade desserts could be this easy with Dump Cakes!

Learn more about the Dump Cake craze and see for yourself what this book is all about. WARNING: the dessert photos may cause you to eat your monitor… if you’re already hungry, proceed with caution. Okay, here’s the link… don’t say we didn’t warn you https://www.buydumpcakes.com/

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