Copper Hands – Compression Gloves for Finally Feeling Better!

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Hands Copper Hands   Compression Gloves for Finally Feeling Better!You know what, a lot of people suffer from tired, aching hands and fingers, whether its from joint pain brought on by overuse or arthritis. It sometimes gets pretty annoying just doing routine things like using a pair of scissors, slicing veggies, typing on the computer, or even just opening a jar. But you know what else? There really is something out there that will help!

Introducing Copper Hands, the new compression gloves infused with real copper! These ultra-light compression gloves were designed to stay cool while giving you great support the second you put them on! Made with feather-light technology, Copper Hands give you compression while staying cool. You don’t feel the gloves, only the compression! Copper Hands are infused with copper interlaced on a microscopic level with breathable compression fabric, providing compression for soothing comfort and support.

The compression in Copper Hands is designed to help reduce the swelling of arthritis and improve circulation and alleviate the pain – Everyday tasks are easier than ever! The no-finger design lets you go about your day normally typing, cooking, cleaning and more all while getting the support you need. Sleep with them on for comfort at night too! And, the grips add traction that can help you get a more secure hold on just about anything so now you can easily open jars, water bottles and so much more!

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