Balloon Bonanza Has This Summer Rockin’!

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Kids Balloon Bonanza Has This Summer Rockin!The heat of summer is upon us and that means it’s time to enjoy some serious outdoor fun. Other than taking a dip in a pool, here’s the best new way to stay wet and cool! So, are you ready for the most exciting thing to happen to water balloon fights?

Introducing Balloon Bonanza!

Say good bye to spilling water and spending hours trying to tie knots while filling each and every individual water balloon. You spend all of that tedious time making them and then BAM, they’re gone in just seconds. And now they’re really is a better way to make ‘em and it just doesn’t get any faster!

Balloon Bonanza lets you fill 40 balloons at one time in just seconds! All you do is attach it to your hose, turn on the water and watch your balloons grow to the perfect size. When they’re big enough, they drop right into your bucket and automatically seal! These water balloons are so easy to make, you’ll be ready for a back yard family duel in seconds!

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