Aqua Stone Says: Breathe Easy, People!

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Aqua Stone Aqua Stone Says: Breathe Easy, People! Dry air – it can be rough on your sinuses, your skin, and your overall health. In the summer, our air conditioning sucks the moisture out of the air. And in the winter the cold dry air and the dry heat in our homes do a number on our bodies.

Okay, so you know about humidifiers, which are bulky, expensive and a pain to keep clean. But now it’s time you knew about Aqua Stone – the all natural way to humidify your home, office or even a hotel room when you’re on the road.

Other than humidifying the air perfectly around you, some other great features of the Aquastone is that it’s silent as it doesn’t require electricity or batteries, and it’s decorative where people won’t even know that it’s actually humidifying the air around them.

The secret is Aqua Stone’s porous stone sphere that absorbs water through capillary action, and then releases it by natural evaporation, humidifying an entire room! And because there are no electric cords, you can easily place it anywhere in your home. Put Aqua Stone by the bedside while you sleep, on the family room mantle, in the kitchen or anywhere you need a constant source of humidity! Once water is added, just set it and forget it! Aqua Stone is just as effective in keeping the room humidified as a traditional electric humidifier, but without all the hassle of constant filling and cleaning.

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