Royal Posture Shows You How to Get GREAT Posture…

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RP.LadyYou want to know the benefits of having good posture? Because once you read this you’ll definitely want to make sure you have it all the time! Just check out the list below to see what it will do for you… -   Good posture puts and keeps bones and joints in proper alignment so that your muscles are used correctly.  -   It’s instrumental in eliminating any abnormal wearing of your joint’s surfaces. -   It will decrease the stress on your ligaments that are holding the joints of your spine in place. -   It will prevent your spine from staying in ... Read More »

Infomercial Addiction? But Wait There’s More…

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OpusPeople watch the great Anthony Sullivan do his TV pitch and think, “Wow, that British guy seems like a terrific gent. I think my whole family needs that amazing Sticky Buddy thing that does everything but cure the common hangover. And even that’s not out of the question! I don’t care what it costs, I want that stuff to show up in a corrugated box at my front door in 72 hours, darn it! I’ll pay the additional charges, just get it here NOW!!!“ Professional pitchmen are amazingly good at their craft and infomercials can be extremely addicting. Opus the Penguin from the comic strip, Bloom ... Read More »

Card Lock – It’s Time to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

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HoldersYou've been hearing so much about Identity theft in the news and it seems to be getting out of hand. One way criminals do their dirty work is a method known as "skimming". They have small scanners (RFID) secluded on them in public and when they walk close enough to you, the scanner picks up the information on your credit card strip. And you'll never know it happened until you get a call from your bank that your account has been hacked. But guess what, there really is something you can do to prevent it from happening. Introducing Card Lock, the new way to secure ... Read More »

Colorama is the Hot New Method in Stress Reduction…

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ColorYou know what they say about stress and the effects it has on the body and the mind. While there are different methods for relieving daily stress, we just might have one of the easiest, most unique and most fun ways that you'll ever deal with it effectively. Introducing Colorama Coloring Book, the gorgeous new coloring book that helps you relax and unwind into the wonderful world of art. Colorama Coloring Book offers over 100 exquisite designs printed on one-sided acid-free paper. Feel free to let your creativity flow by using colored pencils, markers, pastels, watercolors, and even crayons with Coloroma Coloring Book. It's great for ... Read More »

Star Shower – The Only Way to Light & Decorate Your House!

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Star2There are a lot of great ways to decorate your home and decorative lights is always a great way. But it can be an arduous task as well as an expensive undertaking. Take the holidays, for instance... you dread hanging your holiday lights and who can blame you. First you have to untangle stubborn strands, and then you have to climb a dangerous ladder to try and hang them, spending hours and sometimes days. And after all your hard effort, they still don't work. There has to be a better way! With Star Shower, there is. Simply place Star Shower anywhere in your yard. The extra-long stake ... Read More »

Balloon Bonanza Has This Summer Rockin’!

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KidsThe heat of summer is upon us and that means it's time to enjoy some serious outdoor fun. Other than taking a dip in a pool, here's the best new way to stay wet and cool! So, are you ready for the most exciting thing to happen to water balloon fights? Introducing Balloon Bonanza! Say good bye to spilling water and spending hours trying to tie knots while filling each and every individual water balloon. You spend all of that tedious time making them and then BAM, they're gone in just seconds. And now they're really is a better way to make 'em and it ... Read More »

Crock Pot Dump Meals Cookbook: Making Your Busy Life Easier!

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Dump.ChikCathy Mitchell's Dump Cakes and Dump Dinners took the world by storm as both books became huge best sellers for TeleBrands. And the reason is simple - we Americans are incredibly busy people who work long hard hours so our families can enjoy their lives. Cathy's books are filled with delicious recipes that are so easy to make in in a fraction of the time it takes to make countless traditional food favorites. Well, now there's the Crock Pot Dump Meals Cookbook that makes preparing dinner easier than ever before. Each recipe in Crock Pot Dump Meals Cookbook uses no more than five simple ingredients ... Read More »

Pocket Hose Top Brass… Welcome to the New Age of Watering…

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PH.2Okay, so you don't think about your garden hose all the time, but when you need it, you know it's always a pain to lug that cumbersome thing around while it kinks up and stops working. Then you've got to roll it up and it's not only a pain, it's a mess! A bulky traditional hose never makes gardening, watering or washing the car an easy task. Introducing Pocket Hose, the lawn care breakthrough that changed garden hoses forever, and now the number 1 selling expandable hose in the world has been made even better - introducing the new Pocket Hose Top Brass! This NEW ... Read More »

TeleBrands Inventors Day for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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The competition was intense as ten teams of students from Montclair State University in New Jersey were vying for a Grand Prize of $10,000. It was the 2nd annual TeleBrands Inventors Day for Aspiring Entrepreneurs held in the Feliciano Center with an audience of several hundred onlookers excited to see a winner crowned. 10404328_1094755750539394_2838521263751248798_nAnd those responsible for crowning the winners were a cast of luminaries that the Montclair crowd just loved. First off there was a man who is no stranger to being on a judges panel, Ex American Idol star, Randy Jackson. Todd Pettengill of New York's WPLJ Radio ... Read More »

Royal Posture is the Support You’re Going to Love!

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Posture.2So many of us sit behind a desk all day and it really puts a ton of pressure on your lower back, neck, shoulders and spine. And if you're hunched behind a computer, the slouching forward puts a heck of a lot of strain on your body as well. The bottom line is that poor posture puts a terrible strain on your neck and back. And, sitting all day can cause the kind of pain that just won't go away.  If this describes what you go through on a daily basis, then you need Royal Posture, the amazing back support that perfectly aligns your spine ... Read More »

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