Lazer Bond USA Fixes Virtually Anything… Wow!

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bondLet's face it, things crack, things chip, and things break. Whether it's your sunglasses, your favorite vase, a pair of sandals or a piece of jewelry, eventually something's going to give and you're nor going to be happy about it. Well, not until you use Lazer Bond USA™, the liquid resin that creates a rock solid bond on virtually any surface. Whether it's made of plastic, metal, glass or wood, Laser Bond USA works on virtually any surface.  Simply apply the plastic resin and then activate the UV light for a durable, permanent bond in just three seconds. Lazer Bond USA creates an airtight, watertight seal that ... Read More »

Ped Egg Powerball for the Healthiest Feet You’ve Ever Had!

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Ped1Let's face it, when you feet look band and feel bad - YOU feel bad. And now that it's winter, the air is dry and that's not good news when it comes to your foot health. For close to a decade, the Ped Egg created by TeleBrands has been making feet feel awesome! With over 50 million sold, the amazing little egg-shaped wonder has received raves in reviews across the internet. But now, we're happy to report that the evolution of a great thing has gotten even better.  PedEgg® Powerball™ easily buffs away calluses, dead skin, or dry and rough skin in seconds! Your feet will look ... Read More »

Coloring Book Therapy – Colorama is Here!

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MpathIt's a fact that so many of us deal with a lot of unwanted stress in our lives and we wish we could just relax and let the tension unwind from our bodies and our minds. The biggest problem is that we just don't know how to free our minds for even five whole minutes. The good news is that there is a great form of relaxation that is becoming incredibly popular with so many people - and better yet with astonishing results. Coloring Therapy is a big deal and it is proven to have tremendous effectiveness with so many. In an article that appeared in the ... Read More »

Got a Great IDEA? Here’s What You NEED to Know…

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People are really starting to recognize our CEO and founder, AJ Khubani in public, and he finds it pretty weird because his intention was never to be a personality. He’s made countless television appearances over the past few years - Today Show, The View, Wendy Williams, Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen to name a few. People come up to him constantly with new inventions and product ideas, in fact so much, that TeleBrands holds official Inventor's Days where people come in from all over the world to meet the man that could make them a millionaire within five minutes. Within only a few moments AJ knows if an idea is worth looking at further and testing. I’ve never seen anyone with such ... Read More »

Want the Simple Truth? It All Starts With an Idea…

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ThinkingListen, to me, I am telling you the truth… you don’t have to be a professional inventor to invent a great product! In fact, the best stuff we’re presented with is almost always from a regular everyday person who needed to solve a problem they had. They knew that a lot of other people surely had the same problem and they were convinced that people would pay for the perfect solution solution. You tell me why didn’t anyone think of Royal Posture before? Somebody just like you and I had back problems from sitting behind a computer screen all day, did some research, made a working model andand ... Read More »

Ped Egg Power – A Whole New Level of Smooth Feet!

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PedThe original Ped Egg was released a few years back and is - for a good reason - the biggest selling item in the history of TeleBrands! But like everything else in the world, technology stepped and made this product just a whole lot better. Rough dry feet and cracked heels are the worst, especially in the winter, and skin cream can only do so much. You don't want to spend a ton on pedicures and you just wish there was something you could do at home, on your own. Well, guess what - there is.... It's time to welcome back baby smooth feet with PedEgg Power, the powerful solution in ... Read More »

As Seen on TV…Sure, Go Ahead & Laugh…

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090411leskoHello friends. I’m your Vitameatavegamin girl. Are you tired, run-down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle. Vitameatavegamin. Yes, Vitameatavegamin contains Vitamins Meat Vegetables and Minerals. Yes, with Vitameatavegamin, you can spoon your way to health. All you do is take a great big tablespoonful after every meal. Mmmmmmm….. It’s so tasty, too! Tastes just like candy! So why don’t you join all the thousands of happy peppy people and get a great big bottle of Vitameatavegamin tomorrow! That’s Vita-meata-vegamin! Well, if you’re old enough to remember, or you’re a fan of TV Land on Nick at Night, ... Read More »

Star Shower the Holiday Way to Light & Decorate Your Home

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Star2There are a lot of great ways to decorate your home and decorative lights is always a great way. But it can be an arduous task as well as an expensive undertaking. Take the holidays, for instance... you dread hanging your holiday lights and who can blame you. First you have to untangle stubborn strands, and then you have to climb a dangerous ladder to try and hang them, spending hours and sometimes days. And after all your hard effort, they still don't work. There has to be a better way! With Star Shower, there is. Simply place Star Shower anywhere in your yard. The extra-long stake ... Read More »

Infomercial Addiction? But Wait There’s More…

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OpusPeople watch the great Anthony Sullivan do his TV pitch and think, “Wow, that British guy seems like a terrific gent. I think my whole family needs that amazing Sticky Buddy thing that does everything but cure the common hangover. And even that’s not out of the question! I don’t care what it costs, I want that stuff to show up in a corrugated box at my front door in 72 hours, darn it! I’ll pay the additional charges, just get it here NOW!!!“ Professional pitchmen are amazingly good at their craft and infomercials can be extremely addicting. Opus the Penguin from the comic strip, Bloom ... Read More »

TeleBrands AJ Khubani to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

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photoAJAfter three decades and hundreds of hit products later, TeleBrands founder and CEO AJ Khubani is going to receive one heck of a well deserved recognition for his dedication to the world of infomercials and direct marketing. This October during a special presentation at the Moxie Awards Gala, the prestigious and coveted 2015 ERA Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Khubani, whose thirty plus years in direct marketing has had an enormous impact on the industry. "I am honored to be recognized as the 2015 ERA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient," said TeleBrands President and CEO. "We've built a company around developing products that help everyday people solve common household problems and I ... Read More »

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