Happy New Year Means Amazing New As Seen On TV Products

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Happy New Year means something different to whoever you ask, but to us at Tele-Brands it means new As-Seen-On-TV products for all the world to enjoy! You loved the Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight so much that we added the Atomic Lantern and the Atomic Head Light. The Red-Copper Pan technology  was such a hit with those who love to cook that we added the Red-Copper Square Dance pan and the Red-Copper Mug! Color Doctor allows you to easily check your blood pressure anywhere, anytime. Smart Swab is the safe ... Read More »

Red Copper Sq Pan, a Breakthrough in Delicious Cooking

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Sq.2Life can pretty much be the same old, same old. But every once in a while a new idea comes along that just changes everything. And when it comes to making delicious food, you've gotta be all ears! Introducing the Red Copper Square Pan which uses the newest technology in nonstick cookware! Red Copper is made of ceramic and super strong copper ensuring no food sticks. Nothing sticks, so you never have to scrub. Its square design gives you double the cooking space to fit more food. Plus it's oven safe up to 500 degrees F. Red Copper is lightweight yet super strong. It won't ... Read More »

Woof Washer is a Dog & a Man’s Best Friend!

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PoochWe all know that grooming your dog can be a challenge, but, washing your pooch - well, that can be one heck of a pain. He hates when you hose him down and you hate holding him down while he shakes the suds and water all over you. Luckily, we at TeleBrands are in the business of coming up with solutions that make life a whole lot easier and we declare that Woof Washer is here to the rescue. You want a sparkling clean dog who actually enjoys getting washed? Then listen up... Just connect Woof Washer ... Read More »

Got a Great IDEA? Here’s What You NEED to Know…

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imagePeople are really starting to recognize our CEO and founder, AJ Khubani in public, and he finds it pretty weird because his intention was never to be a personality. He’s made countless television appearances over the past few years - Today Show, The View, Wendy Williams, Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen to name a few. People come up to him constantly with new inventions and product ideas, in fact so much, that TeleBrands holds official Inventor's Days where people come in from all over the world to meet the man that could make them a millionaire within five minutes. Within only a few moments AJ knows if an idea is worth looking at ... Read More »

Infomercial Addiction? But Wait There’s More…

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OpusPeople watch the great Anthony Sullivan do his TV pitch and think, “Wow, that British guy seems like a terrific gent. I think my whole family needs that amazing product thingy that does everything but cure the common hangover. And even that’s not out of the question! I don’t care what it costs, I want that stuff to show up in a corrugated box at my front door in 72 hours, darn it! I’ll pay the additional charges, just get it here NOW!!!“ Professional pitchmen are amazingly good at their craft and infomercials can be extremely addicting. Opus the Penguin from the comic strip, Bloom County ... Read More »

2016 International Housewares Show, Chicago – Always a Big Hit for TeleBrands!

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Cathhy.Red_The annual International Housewares Show (March 5 - March 8th) in Chicago was bigger and better than ever as companies from across the globe came to show their wares to the retail world. And this year, TeleBrands had a huge presence at McCormick Place with a brand new booth and a whole lot of hot new products to show off! "This is one of the most exciting times of the year," said TeleBrands founder and CEO, AJ Khubani. The buyers get to connect with us one on one and there's noting like talking to people in person, especially some old friends we only get to see this time of ... Read More »

Red Copper Non-Stick Fry Pan Means Cooking Healthy & Safe!

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PANBelieve it or not, frying pans have become a pretty big deal over the last couple of years. The traditional non-stick surface used for decades has become a concern. Red Copper is ceramic copper infused cookware that has an amazing non-stick, non- scratch surface that contains absolutley no PFOA or PTFE. PFOA is a chemical compound found in old traditional non-stick cookware. Okay, you need to know that Red Copper isn't just safe, it's also an absolute joy to prepare your meals in. The pans are lightweight and super strong at the same time. They won't scratch, chip, or peel into your food. You can use ... Read More »

Lazer Bond USA Fixes Virtually Anything… Wow!

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bondLet's face it, things crack, things chip, and things break. Whether it's your sunglasses, your favorite vase, a pair of sandals or a piece of jewelry, eventually something's going to give and you're nor going to be happy about it. Well, not until you use Lazer Bond USA™, the liquid resin that creates a rock solid bond on virtually any surface. Whether it's made of plastic, metal, glass or wood, Laser Bond USA works on virtually any surface.  Simply apply the plastic resin and then activate the UV light for a durable, permanent bond in just three seconds. Lazer Bond USA creates an airtight, watertight seal that ... Read More »

Ped Egg Powerball for the Healthiest Feet You’ve Ever Had!

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Ped1Let's face it, when you feet look band and feel bad - YOU feel bad. And now that it's winter, the air is dry and that's not good news when it comes to your foot health. For close to a decade, the Ped Egg created by TeleBrands has been making feet feel awesome! With over 50 million sold, the amazing little egg-shaped wonder has received raves in reviews across the internet. But now, we're happy to report that the evolution of a great thing has gotten even better.  PedEgg® Powerball™ easily buffs away calluses, dead skin, or dry and rough skin in seconds! Your feet will look ... Read More »

Coloring Book Therapy – Colorama is Here!

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MpathIt's a fact that so many of us deal with a lot of unwanted stress in our lives and we wish we could just relax and let the tension unwind from our bodies and our minds. The biggest problem is that we just don't know how to free our minds for even five whole minutes. The good news is that there is a great form of relaxation that is becoming incredibly popular with so many people - and better yet with astonishing results. Coloring Therapy is a big deal and it is proven to have tremendous effectiveness with so many. In an article that appeared in the ... Read More »

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