WIN Cleaner Brings PC’s Back to Life!

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WINCAdmit it, it's just awful when your computer slows to a crawl, programs take for ever to load, the internet is as slow as a tortoise, and starting up your system is just always an adventure. There's nothing that makes me crankier when I know I've got a lot of work to do but the PC just doesn't seem to care. Well, guys, I think it's about time that you got introduced to WIN Cleaner! Win Cleaner is truly the One Click PC Cleaner that will get your slow computer running like new in minutes! It cleans, repairs, optimizes and protects your PC, guaranteeing faster start ... Read More »

Holiday Gifts in As Seen on TV Land…

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easy2For those who LOVE As Seen on TV products, the good people at have some great stuff in time for the holidays! Grab Bag is the first new HOT item! Supermarkets everywhere are getting rid of plastic bags and Grab Bag is the answer to the dilemma! They're reusable, expandable bags that clip to your cart and won't spill over in your car! CLICK HERE to SEE > offer_detailsWIN Cleaner for your PC! It's the One Click PC Cleaner that will get your slow computer running like new in ... Read More »

Up & Under Doggy Steps – Your Pets Will Love Them!

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Dog2You dog - your best buddy in the world and a true member of the family. It's okay if he sits on that certain couch, bed, or chair but if he isn't able to get up there, that pooch is going to need a little help! Now TeleBrands has one of the best new pet products on the market - you've heard the phrase "man's best friend"... well, this baby is now dog's best friend. Up And Under is the compact, collapsible and portable doggy steps that pop up when and where you need them, then fold and store under anything when you don't! Simply extend and lock ... Read More »

Zip Sox: Relief At Last for Your Legs and Feet!

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Zip2So here's the question... who are compression socks for... are they for the old? For the active? For the impaired? Are they for everyone? Compression socks are not something to over think, but they can work both as a soothing aid and a preemptive idea to avoid injury. When deciding whether or not compression socks are for you, here is a quick checklist you can run through before making your purchase! Ask yourself these questions when thinking about buying: Do your legs swell from constant standing, sitting or being in a sedentary? Do you occasionally feel sharp pains in your calves, knees, shins, or ... Read More »

Hurricane Spin Mop – The BEST You’ll EVER use!

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Mop.HeadI think we can all agree that moping, whether it's in the kitchen or the bathroom, is a thankless chore. We all love a sparkling clean floor but we loathe this mundane task. And mops can get pretty heavy when soaked with water and there's nothing worse than having to squeeze out the dirty mop head with your bare hands. OKAY... good news is here - the old cumbersome way to mop your floors is gone for ever, so read on... The Hurricane Spin Mop is the amazing mop and bucket system that cleans practically anything and everything, picking up dirt then spinning it away! Just dip the ... Read More »

Which TeleBrands Products Would You Choose, Castaway?

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TWO.PIXWe all remember the incredibly popular film in 2000, Castaway starring Tom Hanks... A guy working for Fed Ex whose plane goes down in the ocean and he ends up surviving on a deserted island for several years. So, our fertile little brains started thinking during a mundane lunch break here at TeleBrands, where I asked the group: what if YOU were stuck on an island like Hanks character... what TeleBrands products would you hope were scheduled for delivery aboard that plane? The answers were pretty interesting so I pose the same question to you: You're a Castaway on on a deserted island and Wilson the volleyball ... Read More »

The Phantom Saucer Will Simply Amaze Everyone!

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PS2How many times have you watched magicians Chris Angel or David Blain and shouted out, "HOW DID HE DO THAT?!" They perform their up close magic that freaks people out and has them begging for more. I've always thought to myself, how cool would it be if I could capture an audience like that and be the life of the party? I mean, can you imagine how incredible your kid's parties would be if you could pull off some neat tricks and blow away the guests? Well, believe it or not, there is an awesome new trick  that involves what looks like a toy flying saucer that's ... Read More »

Are You Addicted to the Infomercial? But Wait…

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OpusPeople watch the great Anthony Sullivan do his TV pitch and think, “Wow, that British guy seems like a terrific gent. I think my whole family needs that amazing Sticky Buddy thing that does everything but cure the common hangover. And even that’s not out of the question! I don’t care what it costs, I want that stuff to show up in a corrugated box at my front door in 72 hours, darn it! I’ll pay the additional charges, just get it here NOW!!!“ Professional pitchmen are amazingly good at their craft and infomercials can be extremely addicting. Opus the Penguin from the comic strip, Bloom ... Read More »

Furniture Cleaner for the World’s Most Expensive Furniture?

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p61932_500When there’s a world record auction for a piece of wooden furniture, we all get a little excited around these parts. A Harrington Commode, an ornate chest of drawers said to be crafted by Thomas Chippendale, set an astounding world record for a single piece of English furniture. This spectacular piece of furniture, dating all the way back to 1770, sold for a mind boggling £3,793,250 during a sale at Sotheby’s in London, which was more than three times its original estimate. It’s reported that collectors have spent more than $134 million on American ... Read More »

Aqua Stone Says: Breathe Easy, People!

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Aqua StoneDry air - it can be rough on your sinuses, your skin, and your overall health. In the summer, our air conditioning sucks the moisture out of the air. And in the winter the cold dry air and the dry heat in our homes do a number on our bodies. Okay, so you know about humidifiers, which are bulky, expensive and a pain to keep clean. But now it's time you knew about Aqua Stone - the all natural way to humidify your home, office or even a hotel room when you're on the road. Other than humidifying the air perfectly around you, some other great ... Read More »

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